lemon diet

This is one of the most popular diets, since this fruit has a multitude of properties, both depurative, digestive and slimming. If you are looking to lose a pant size easily and in a short time, try this detox diet for a week and most importantly, without starving!

It is one of the diets that has caused a furor among some Hollywood celebrities. Heidi Klum and Jennifer Aniston have already tried it, and the results they have obtained have been very pleasing.

But what is the secret to keeping in shape and always looking beautiful and in a good mood…

health benefits of cucumber

Cucumber is one of vegetables with more benefits for health. This food is mainly composed of water, which makes it an ideal complement to lose weight, increase our liquid intake, etc.

If you want to know all the properties of this super food, pay attention to the following list.

1- It removes toxins from the body

Eating cucumbers can help stimulate liver cleansing by removing toxins from the blood and intestines. This food works as a natural diuretic that helps the body produce more urine, achieving better detoxification. It also reduces swelling and fluid retention.

2. You can lose excess…

There is no doubt that losing those extra pounds is a big effort, especially for women. Many times we try to achieve miracles in a short time and as we know, when it comes to lose weight and stay healthy it costs a world.

However, below we show you 20 different diet plans to lose weight that if you follow them strictly, for a couple of weeks, you will surely get fast and satisfactory results.

Before we continue we must clarify that no diet is “miraculous” as such, it takes a lot of effort, discipline and strong willpower to lose…

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If you want to prevent the appearance of stretch marks or improve their appearance, this will interest you! We propose several home remedies that can be of great help to achieve it.

Natural remedies such as flaxseed oil, white sugar and lemon juice are some of the most useful natural remedies to counteract the appearance of stretch marks. These ingredients are also valid in the case that stretch marks are already present on our skin, as they manage to improve the appearance of the same. This is just a preview, do you want to know how to get rid of…

The African tribal chief also succeeded in establishing a new law to prevent child marriage and has banned sexual initiation of girls. She has taken up the challenge of reversing harmful cultural practices that prevent young girls from being educated.

A recurring scene overwhelmed Theresa Kachindamoto, the head of the Dedza district in central Malawi, every time she wandered through the city: girls with their babies.

The young girls not only became mothers at a young age, but also were forced to marry older men. She was not willing to let this happen any longer and took action.

Polylactic acid for firm buttocks

Polylactic acid can be used to give volume to flabby and flat buttocks, behaving as a bio-stimulating dermal filler that produces new collagen and improves firmness. In addition to volume, it gives a very natural rounded shape.

How it is used.

Initially 2 sessions are protocolized with a month interval between them.

Usually 2 vials per side are used. The initial duration is 2 years.

It is injected in the desired area every 6 weeks using several vials per side. The procedure is performed in consultation and lasts from half an hour to one hour. Bruising and ecchymosis may occur.

Always follow the plan…

These super effective ball exercises for legs, abs and buttocks can be your best friend to achieve your desired look, and how to use them!

Ball Exercises for Stronger Legs, Abs and Glutes

To get buttocks, abs and legs of envy is not necessary to spend hours in the gym, you can do it from home! A good exercise routine is the key, we share with you a very good one that you just have to put some discipline.

You will need a pilates ball or fitball and a lot of balance, but the advantage is that you will not damage your joints because they are low impact…

How To Get Rid of Underarm Fat

It is normal to have some underarm fat. However, having excess (as well as back fat) is unhealthy. You will look “chubby” like a bulge of fat around your bra area (between your armpits and chest) that is often annoying and uncomfortable. Learn the best and safest ways to burn armpit fat including exercise, weight loss, as well as some of the ways to hide those bulges by your bra.

That chubby lump that appears in our armpit and that we agree is not of great comfort for many, can be remedied, but before that, you must determine if it…

Did you know that when you don’t wash your car for a long time, the headlights may turn yellow?

It usually happens as a result of insects (small mosquitoes and moths of light) and sun or rain exposure. However, the good news is you can get around or at least mitigate this problem with some tricks. For help, you can get a good idea of how to clean a yellow car headlight easily. Take a look!

How to clean car headlights by hand?

The key to avoiding yellowish headlights is trying to have a car wash routine. …

Find out which herbs for colds and coughs to improve your defenses.

Getting the right treatment early, is key to preventing colds, coughs, and flu from becoming chronic or causing more serious infections.

These 9 herbs are a natural remedy for cold, cough, fever, indigestion, infections and improve natural defenses. You can also take advantage of them to relax and reduce your daily stress.

1.Yarrow tea

herbs for colds

Reduces cold and flu fever, causes sweating and also boosts natural defenses. A traditional infusion for colds can be made with elderflower and peppermint, and should be taken 3 times a day. …

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