5 Best Inner Thigh Exercises To Strengthen And Tone Your Legs

Inner Thigh Exercises

The rubbing of the inner thighs is uncomfortable and even painful, particularly during the summer months when the weather is hot, sweating more and wearing clothing that favors contact with the thighs (dresses, skirts or baggy pants). For this reason, this week a personal trainers propose a five inner thigh exercises to lose volume in the thighs, that area of the body which is also one of the most difficult to work on.

This routine includes five exercises that can be done in about 15–18 minutes. For the table to be effective, propose 20 repetitions of each exercise (pay attention to those in which only one leg should be worked on first and then the other because time doubles), three sets and a 30-second break between each sets.

A great inner thigh exercises from home, no equipment needed.

Exercise 1: Working on the abductor

To perform this exercise we lie on our backs and raise our legs extended. Then we will open and close our legs (try to reach your maximum) giving small bounces when you reach your maximum opening. Remember to keep your back and arms close to ground and keep your abdomen active.

Do 20 repeats.

Exercise 2: Side plate with knee and elbow extension

To perform this exercise, we will place ourselves in a lateral plate position, supporting the forearm and a bent knee. With the other knee we will do extensions and flexion trying to bring the knee to the elbow, which will also be flexed. Remember to keep the abdomen active and the hip parallel to the ground. Then, repeat this exercise on the other leg.

Do 20 repeats.

Exercise 3: Side Plate with Extended Leg Bounces

Keep in the lateral plate position, with your forearm and your leg bent. To do this exercise we will extend the leg that is not supported on the ground and we will raise it upwards as much as possible, bouncing without touching the ground or rubbing it slightly. Next repeat this exercise on the other side.

Do 20 repeats.

Exercise 4: Side Lunges

We will stand up and take consecutive steps toward the same side, making small bounces and returning to the initial position in each one of them. Then we will repeat this exercise in the other direction.

Do 20 repeats.

Exercise 5: Abdominal Lift with Extended Legs

Sitting on the floor the palms of the hands will support slightly bending the elbows and we will raise the legs opened and extended, with the feet in flex leaning on the floor with a brief touch in each elevation. When we raise our legs we will bring our body slightly closer to the legs to help the movement.

Do 20 repeats.

To achieve faster results, personal trainers suggest practicing these inner thigh exercises twice a week.

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